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We wish to inform our customers about the .TRAVEL domain authority's announcement of their policy for using domain names, stating the registered domain name must be used within 60 days from the registration date, under penalty of possible revocation by the authority itself. Here is the ad text in English: "NAME USE-The Registry has defined a ... Read more


On December 21st, the .TRAVEL domain authority will release some previously reserved/blocked names. Also from 21 December 2007 there will no longer be any obligation to match the UIN code to one or more domain names. The Authority will simply assign a UIN code to a subject, which in this way is enabled, ... Read more

The Domain Authority .ASIA has confirmed the dates for the Landrush and GoLive period. Landrush: from 20 February 2008 to 12 March 2008 (Dominiando closes the orders on 11 March 2008) GoLive: from March 26th, 2008 We remind you that in order to register a .ASIA domain it is necessary to provide a contact ... Read more

The .ASIA domain Authority has confirmed the dates for the Landrush and GoLive periods. Landrush: from February 20, 2008 to March 12, 2008 (Dominiando closes orders on March 11, 2008) GoLive: starting March 26, 2008 Remember, if you want to register a .ASIA domain, you must provide a contact in one of the countries ... Read more


.ASIA GoLive Annual Registration: €40 Local Presence: €50 the application is refunded in case of rejection Sunrise (ended) Sunrise Participation: €120 one-time (non-refundable) Biennial Registration: €40 (= €20 x2) the application is refunded in case of rejection Local Presence: €50 the application is refunded in case of rejection .ASIA Landrush (ended) Annual Registration: €40 (= €20 x2) application is ... Read more


We are pleased to announce that from today on our site it is possible to register Macedonian domains with the .com.mk extension. At the moment in fact the direct registration at the second level (.MK) is not possible for anyone. Click here for more information on .mk domains. Read more


The .LAT extension was chosen to represent the region of Latin America and the Caribbean, similar to what happened with the .EU domains and the .ASIA domains. The path is still long and we will keep you updated on the developments of this new extension. Click to see the list of Latin American ... Read more


We inform our customers that it is now possible to register Honduras domains with the .HN extension. For general information click on .hn domains. Read more

At the moment, Peruvian domains can be registered only at the third level .com.pe. The authority with the aim of opening registrations also directly at the second level, as .PE, has established a period called "grandfather period" in which the owners of third level domains (com.pe) have priority requesting the same domain ... Read more


The authority has reopened the registrations. Click for information on .cu domains September 4, 2007 The Cuban Authority has announced that it has interrupted the new registration for .CU domains pending a review of the allocation rules that should in any case take place in a short time. The motivation given by the authority ... Read more

The Italian authority of the "ccTLD .it" has finally prepared a more recent update of the dns. In fact, from October 25 the update of Italian domains will take place three times a day at 1 AM, 8 AM and 2 PM. In this way, any variation made to the nameservers of a ... Read more

We relaunch the news provided today by Punto Informatico: to remember the obligation laid down in Presidential Decree 404 of 5 October 2001 and reiterated by the Inland Revenue in 2006 with Resolution NO. 60 of 16/05/2006 to publish the VAT number on the home page. It does not matter if you do not ... Read more

The Icelandic Authority has recently relaxed the registration rules of .is domains in order to limit the phenomenon of the use of local presence provided by agents. In any case it is necessary that the administrative contact (admin-c) be a subject resident in Iceland and for this reason the local presence service ... Read more

From 1 November 2007 it will be possible to apply for a second level .MY domain.You may recall that until now, only third level domains were available for registration. Com.my, .net.my, .org.myFrom November 1st to December 31st 2007 the owners of third level .com.my, .net.my, .org.my domains registered before October 26th ... Read more

On this page you will only find summary information. Click to learn more about the .ASIA domain Sunrise period. Local Presence As with .EU domains, .ASIA domains are also restricted, and will require at least one of the contacts to reside in one of the 73 countries. Dominiando will provide the local presence service if required. The .ASIA ... Read more

Registration requests received during the Sunrise 2 (and its sub-phases) and 3 will be considered as having been received all at the same time.Then a restricted auction will be opened, exclusively between those subjects that were selected as eligible.Also for the Landrush there will be an auction for homonymous applications. The ... Read more

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